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Dark Winds Virginia Coffman

Dark Winds

Virginia Coffman

Published August 1st 1985
ISBN : 9780877956310
317 pages
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 About the Book 

More of a historical romance with suspense elements than a Gothic, though there are metagothic elements in it. (The Brontes appear as characters and the love interest is rumored to be the physical model for both Mr. Rochester and Healthcliffe, wink wink.) I knew I was wandering outside of Gothic territory when penis size was mentioned several times. (Gothics tend to be sweets in romance terms--or they were through the 70s. Mr. Rochester and Maxim De Winter do not, so far as I know, even have male parts. If forced to, I might imagine them as Ken-doll smooth.)Anyway...The unlikely plot has an obvious outcome from the get-go. For fans of the genre, it may be a three-star book, but not for me. I did a lot of page-flipping in the last third.