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The Confessions Augustine of Hippo

The Confessions

Augustine of Hippo

Published 1982
Leather Bound
112 pages
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 About the Book 

Heartfelt, incisive & timeless, The Confessions has captivated readers for over 1500 years. Retelling the story of his long struggle with faith & ultimate conversion--the first such spiritual memoir ever recorded--Augustine traces a story of sin, regret & redemption that is both deeply personal &, at the same time, universal. Starting with his early life, education & youthful indiscretions, & following his ascent to influence as a teacher of rhetoric in Hippo, Rome & Milan, hes brutally honest about his proud & ambitious youth. In time, his early loves grow cold & the luster of wordly success fades, leaving him filled with a sense of inner absence, until a movement toward Christian faith takes hold, eventually leading to conversion & the flourishing of a new life. Philosophically & theologically brilliant, sincere in its feeling, & both grounded in history & strikingly contemporary in its resonance, The Confessions is a timeless class that will persist as long as humanity continues to long for meaning in life & peace of soul.